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Pecorino Romano
Matt Drappel
Always amazing

There are no bad selections from Cheesyplace but this has to be a top 10. We will be ordering it again. Perfect for hard cheese fans.

A gift that keeps on giving for all your friends and family.

Your service is impeccable with on-time delivery, prompt and courteous but the cheeses and the write-ups are amazing. This is almost like taking a course in cheese. Keep up the good work.

Five Brothers Cheese

Great cheese and customer service!

We were gifted a 3 month subscription and every month was fabulous. So fabulous we decided to get our own subscription and just received our first month and the cheeses and jam are amazing!

Fantastic gift that keeps on giving!

I've given this as a gift several times - and it's always fun, easy, and nice to have it pop back up at their door each month! Not to mention, the products are always a huge hit!

I love cheese!

I have enjoyed these cheese that my daughter gives me for Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. I share them with my friends when we get together. As I am older I do not need more stuff, so some edible fun is great! We also enjoy the wonderful condiments that come too.

Sturgeon Black Caviar
Alexandra Mete
The best!

Delicious! Tastes absolutely great with a crème-like cheese as well.

Savoury Spanish Marcona Almonds Rosemary.

I have always loved Marcona Almonds for the buttery taste and texture like a Macadamia nut; but when they are seasoned with Rosemary, it goes to a deeper level of taste.They are great as snacks, with cheese and charcuterie trays or for baking.

Rosewood Fresh Honeycomb
Nicole Lafontaine
Rosewood Honeycomb

Excellent product. Out of stock in several places, so very happy was able to Oder from cheesy place. Fast delivery.


Lots of flavour, and pleasant chewy texture. Very good cooked on bbq as well.

Valdeon Blue Cheese
Bonnie Portelance

Creamy, tart, and very yummy on prime rib, or any beef/steak!

Date Night Cheese Sampler

Cheese Club - 3 month Subscription


I just love how a sélection of great cheese came to my door. I was able to learn about the cheese and taste different flavors. I love tasting them but I also enjoy using the leftover cheese to make fancy grilled cheese/pasta or use it with my raclette grill. The apple butter was nice too. I'm excited to see what will be next.

P.S I would love some more facts about the cheese, just enjoy learning about it.

Oro Rosso Cheese
Raymond Sitton

One of the best “blues” we have had (and we are blue cheese fanatics). Tangy cheese and a touch of sweetness.

Always a great choice

I found cheesy place last year and this has become my default gift for my parents. They love the cheese that is selected and even better is that the cheeses are always different (not sure if it’s because I told the owners, they have a list, or they always mix things up). Nevertheless, it’s always a tasty new adventure for my parents and they LOVE it

We love it,

We look forward to every shipment. The tasting notes are exceptionally good - and we’re in the wine business and we read a lot of tasting notes. It’s a bit of a ceremony when the cheese Shipment arrives. We read the notes, pair the cheeses with the recommended wines and make an evening of it. We’ve purchased cheese subscriptions for several of our friends, many of whom have in turn bought subscriptions for their friends. It’s great fun, delicious cheeses and good value!

Very good

Cheese Club - 12 month Subscription


Ordered this on a whim and I am SO pleased! Cheese portions were generous and delicious.


Love receiving the monthly package however it would be appreciated if there’s a monthly bonus to promote new product alerts.

Cheese Club - 3 month Subscription

first cheeses

I quite enjoyed the selection of cheeses from Europe. However, I would have liked to see a blue cheese as well...such as gorgonzola or stilton or a danish blue.

International Hard Cheese 'Popup' Sampler
Thorna Lawrence

Loved the cheese 🧀

International Hard Cheese 'Popup' Sampler
Michael Robb

Excellent Selection - well organized