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Excellent taste

If you like soft sheep milk cheese you will not be disappointed with this one. Excellent texture and taste. It is simply melting in your mouth. Highly recommended and highly addictive.

Pollastrini Di Anzio Sardines

Excellent cheese only problem It didn’t last. Mmmmmm. Expensive to ship though, almost equal to the cheese cost. I first experienced this cheese in Sept 1997 in Paris and I tried for a few years to buy it here in Canada but was not allowed into Canada. Was surprised when I saw it available now. Still a great tasting cheese. I’ll be ordering more as the pocket book is in my favor!

Tête de Moine Cheese
Ilda Costa-Sarnicki
Showstopper cheese that also tastes Marvelous!

I’ve known this cheese and it’s earthy, nutty flavour and texture for almost 20 years. 8 years ago I started making my own cheese. Tried replicating a version of the Tete de Moine 5 times. Each time I had an edible product with very similar taste and look, but lacked the elasticity to shave into floretes. Planned to make it again in late winter to enjoy and share with my friends on my birthday in June. Life got in the way as it usually does, and I was unable to make this cheese. Started my search for the authentic imported Tete de Moine in the beginning of May at local and quasi local cheese shops. I even ordered from 2 places, one that even guaranteed delivery for the first week of June then reported that suppliers were out of this particular cheese. I almost gave up then did an online search just ti feel that I had exhausted my options. Not only did I find my dear cheese, but it was in my kitchen the day after I ordered it in perfect condition with cool packs and its wonderful aromas. As for the cost, I paid almost the same as my first purchase 20 years ago. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every toonie!, and I know how much it costs to produce a cheese. It was a pleasure to share with my family and friends!
Thank you, !

Pesce Azzurro Marinated Anchovies

Gjetost Ski Queen Cheese

This is the famous Norwegian brown cheese which tastes so sweet. It is cooked until caramelized and is absolutely delicious on toast, waffles or sandwiches. LOVE IT!

Good but expensive to ship

Authentic Spanish Chorizo

We lived in Spain for two years and never burned our mouths on chorizo. We’ve never been able to experience that Spanish taste and mouthfeel with North American and Mexican product. This product is the business AND is great as both an ingredient and as charcuterie.

The perfect birthday present

This has given my sister so much pleasure this year. The selection never fails to be interesting.

Chaumes Cheese
Frederic Scott
Delicious and creamy

I love this cheese. It is hard to find, so thank you Cheesyplace!

great cheese better service

The Best

I am on my second order of 3 year old Gouda. So rich it’s almost like being in Holland

Beaufort Cheese
Stephen Shapiro
A wonderful find

This cheese is fantastic - a unique flavour, robust and satisfying. I will be buying it again!

Drunken Goat Cheese

This cheese was fantastic! The taste and texture were to die for !! I’m def ordering this again ! Thanks again Tanya

The best!! Very fast and very good product

Very impressed with the quality.

What a difference it makes to get it from a freshly cut piece. This cheese is delicious!,

Excellent Manchego cheese!

This was in my first order from you. The quality exceeded my expectations. I found it hard to stop eating it.

So delicious!

Looking forward to ordering more. Perfect texture and nicely sharp taste. A delicious discovery!

Sheep cheese sampler

What a delightful assortment. We loved them all!

Brillat-Savarin Cheese
Cathy Ishmael
A decadent, delicious, rich treat!

I have been searching for this cheese and so glad I finally found it in Canada. Highly recommend for a luxurious charcuterie board or just a decadent afternoon snack. I will definitely be ordering more!


Products were delivered personally over the weekend, wrapped professionally to keep them cold and fresh and finally the taste was nothing but amazing. Thank you so much

Saint Agur Cheese
gerry sperling

Saint Agur Cheese

This cheese is very salty.


Not good.

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar Cheese