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La Bonde d'Antan
F. Castro
very nice creamy


Truffle Gouda Cheese
Margaret Ommanney

The TRUFFLE GOUDA cheese was wonderful! Will definitely order again.

Tête de Moine Cheese
vadim shulman
Tête de Moine Cheese

I am very grateful to the store for helping me discover the wonderful Tête de Moine cheese. Vitaly, your store is excellent not only with its selection of cheeses, but also with excellent service. I think my acquaintances and friends to whom I gave your coordinates will be as pleased as I am. I used to order cheeses from abroad. Now I don't need it. With you I can and do find cheeses that I like. With sincere respect to you, Dr. Vadim Shulman.

BEST Oil!!

Great oil & great service. Thanks!!

Vacherin Cheese
Monique Bernier-Burke
Vacherin cheese

What a wonderful smooth cheese
We love it It’s the second time ordering it and won’t be the last

creamy and tasty

Hard Cheese Sampler
Shauna Boettger

Hard Cheese Sampler

Very nice strong flavor 👌


My fave one now :) super tasty and worth it

Smoked Gouda Cheese
Debbie MacLachlan

It is a beautiful cheese. Creamy yet solid and the smoke level is perfect. Will buy again!!

Cheese club

Absolutely delicious and fresh . Top quality and excellent service. Love it

Frère Jaques Cheese
Kealin Murphy
Frere Jacques

My favorite so far. Prefer the semi to soft cheeses overall

My addiction since visiting Norway

This brown cheese is so good on both savoury and sweet. I buy it in bulk when I find it and it lasts forever in the fridge. Just a taste in the evenings is enough to satisfy. It doesn't go bad in the fridge so expiry isn't usually an issue.

So creamy

The literal definition of cream in a barely solid form. It's so delicate and delicious.

We are really enjoying the 12 month cheese club membership. The variety they send are excellent.

Probably my favorite from the tasting box it came in. Never expected it to work but it is so balanced and incredible

I'm obsessed, sweeter than I was expecting. Think a creamier hard cheese with notes of concord grape

Very dry

As I mentioned I purchased all the cheese as a gift for my daughter!, as of yet I haven’t tasted any, but according to my daughter she’s very pleased! I can vouch for prompt delivery. Thank you ,,,,,


Pricey but good

Enjoying the variety of cheese provided and the write up about each.

The perfect gift!

Bought my parents a three month subscription and they loved every cheese that came. A great experience. It is anniversary time so will probably continue on the gift so they can enjoy more that cheesy place has to offer.

Dinner Party Cheese Sampler

Very disappointed

They asked me how adventurous I was and I chose very adventurous. Wasnt even close to the picture they post for dinner party and the cheeses were all ones i could of gotten at my local grocery store and have had many times before. There was one soft cheese and the rest were all hard beige cheeses ( not a very colourful array to present on a cheese board very blah) The portion sizes were good and the concept good. Id hate to see what unadventurous is “ kraft cheese slices” Im always getting great ads that pop up with great cheeses would of been nice to have gotten one of those not the run of the mill. Please do not underestimate the sophistication of your customers especially when they are requesting very adventurous.


A delightful selection of flavours, textures and options for pairings.