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Stellar Cheese

It was a lovely sensation bitting into that salty first bite…
I loved the crumblyness…The after taste lasted forever…


Previous order was much better so I’m not sure if it was a different source now.

Tête de Moine Cheese
Britney Condotta
Great cheese!

Love this cheese for my curler and the delivery was fantastic. Fast and perfect packaging that was cold and reusable

Did not receive it

Amazing cheese!

We love our subscription! A gift that gives on giving :)

Not real amaretto

Taste good, although very sweet syrup.
Not real amaretto, only essence of amaretto added as the least amount of ingredients. It was good when splitted and added to a homemade panettone

Brebirousse d'Argental Cheese
Violetta Chartrand
The best sheep milk soft cheese.

It's awesome and my favourite.

Great Swiss Cheese

This is a special cheese, which is not available locally. Always a favourite in our family. Cheesy Place was a great solution.

This is by far the best cheese I wver had! Will order more soon!

I just dont this it’s for me. Too strong for my taste.


Cheese was good

Ossau-Iraty Lait Cru
Heather Graystone
Sweet and Nuanced

Initial sweet lactic aromas give way to a pleasant briny whiff. On the palate many notes of mild nuts and tangy milk, mellowing to sweetness. The texture is divine, with an amazing combination of slight dryness and buttery creaminess. Soft barnyard notes at the finish and a quality long mouth feel lingers.

My Favourite French Cheese

Great cheese that’s hard to find where we live. Fast delivery.

Chabichou du Poitou Cheese
Rebecca McArthur
One of the best!

So delish. Delivery and service were exceptional.

Deliciously truffled!

A nice surprise, the truffle is prevalent but in the nicest way possible.

Gouda to the very last bite!

Excellent with dried pear or roasted figs, and a good Amontillado sherry. Now a family favourite.

Cheese of the Month Club
Patricia Barker
Wonderful Cheeses

I don't know how you find so many different cheeses from around the world, but I'm glad you do. They are always delicious. We enjoy them thoroughly every month. Keep doing what you're doing. We love them.

Cheese of the Month Club
Matthew Hertendy

I subscribed to Cheese of the Month for my partner for Christmas. It has exceeded my expectations and then some! The cheese is sublime, and the prosecco jelly was a perfect compliment. And the portions of cheese were fantastic as well!

Blue Cheese Sampler Pack
Monique thivierge

Les quatre sortes de fromages tous délicieux mon préféré le roquefort comme toujours


Absolutely stinky delight!!

Five Counties Cheese
B.E. Slingerland
A new favorite

I eat this with apples or alone sliced thinly. Delicious

Époisses Berthaut Cheese
B.E. Slingerland
Love this cheese

Great with pears as well as crusty bread

Vacherin Mont d'Or Cheese
George Willms
One of the best iconic Swiss/French cheeses

This was a perfect product. Having lived and worked in both France and Switzerland I got to know Vacherin. The one you provided was perfect.

Munster Alsace Cheese
Sylvia Teasdale

Munster Alsace Cheese

French Cheese Sampler
Sandra Bochner

Haven't used it yet! But know it will be amazing.