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Corporate Gifting

Easy gourmet gifting for delivery across Canada by

Our Corporate Gifting program offers truly gourmet, no fluff, no fillers. We don’t do generic, shelf stable, processed cheese and meats. Only the highest quality, artisan cheese from across the globe.

Plus our large assortment of small batch products ranging from sweet to savoury including jams, oils, vinegar, salts, truffle products & more.

For volume orders, our gifts start at $75 (not including shipping) and up. Our team will work with you on creating the right mix for your occasion and recipients.

Are you constantly acquiring new clients, new staff, closing deals that deserve a special gift, set up a recurring gifting plan and show them you care by providing one of the most special food gifts they’ve ever received.

Please complete the form below to get in touch with us and discuss your project! 

Corporate gourmet gift box cheese and chocolate