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Cheese Gifts Shipped Locally in Toronto (GTA) & Across Canada

Cheese Gifts Shipped Locally in Toronto (GTA) & Across Canada

Gifts of good artisan cheese and other gourmet products are hard to come by. Most baskets are filled with shelf stable cheese, sugary, glucose filled sweets and other junk. Who wants to spend/waste money on a gift like that?! 

How about world-class quality cheese and gifts shipped locally in Toronto (GTA) & across Canada?

Here's where we come in! We have only the best cheeses, not your basic swiss and cheddar, but real, good artisan cheese from all over the world. We have great Jams and preserves, great olives & antipasto, truffle products, olive oils, vinegar, sea salts and anything else your heart desires. 

When you send these types of products to your family and friends or even work clients, you better believe they are in for a treat. You can feel comfortable in knowing that your gift will be special. 

Our approach is simple, we focus on the product. We only source products that we love and consume and share with our friends. 

We deliver our cheese & gourmet gifts across the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario. We also ship across the country via Purolator Express.

Just email us if you have any questions or go ahead and place your order online

Thank you and happy shopping! 

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