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Best Cheese Destinations in the United States

Best Cheese Destinations in the United States

You don’t have to travel far just to experience a vast array of cheese flavours. The United States has plenty to offer for the cheese connoisseurs out there. You just never know, some of the country’s top cheese destinations may be right near you right now. So, whether you’re looking for a day trip, a weekend getaway or a week long all-American vacation, these are the best cheese destinations in the United States for you cheese connoisseurs out there. If traveling isn’t your idea of a good time but you don’t want to miss out on the cheesy flavours, sign up for our Monthly Cheese Club. It’s an affordable alternative that lets your taste buds travel.



Vermont is recognized for plenty of deliciousness, from rich flavours of maple syrup to the savoury tastes of cheese. Cheddar has been this state’s expertise circa the 1800s, but over time, the cheese makers have evolved and now produce more than 150 different styles of cheese. Everything from award-winning gouda, blues, buffalo mozzarella, chevre and so much more can be found in Vermont.

So, it’s no surprise that this state is said to have the largest amount of cheese makers per capita.

Aside from the cheese makers, there’s plenty of history to explore in Vermont. The city of Cabot has a factory that takes you through the delicious cheese making of the 1919s. There’s also a plethora of farms and cheese makers to check out well throughout the state.  So, needless to say, it’s definitely worthy of a trip.



This list of the best cheese destinations in the United States wouldn’t be complete without Wisconsin. After all, the state is all about their dairy.

Wisconsin has upwards of 12,000 dairy farms producing more than 2 billion pounds of cheese each year. This state alone produces more than 600 different types of cheese, and there’s so much of it that the residents even use it on icy roads. And that’s a sight you don’t want to miss.

There are a couple cheese-specific cheese destinations you should see on your trip. Madison is one town that is all about their fromage, and they even have an infamous cheese shops that’s are well worth a visit. The cheesy restaurants are an entire wheel in itself.

Monroe is another popular location for cheese connoisseurs. It’s home to a 200-pound wheel of Swiss, the infamous Edelweiss creamery, exclusive Limburger cheese and the National Historic Cheesemaking Center.

So Wisconsin is definitely a must see for every cheese connoisseur out there. Wherever you go, you’ll get to taste the history of cheese that made Wisconsin what it is today. 

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If there’s one state that’s highly recognized for cheese, it’s Philadelphia. After all, anyone claiming to be a "cheese connoisseurs" has to of had a Philly cheese steak at least once in their day, and now’s the perfect time to upgrade your status with a taste of the real deal.

Philly cheese steaks aren't the only cheesy thing you get to taste when you take a trip to this state. Philadelphia is actually packed with plenty of cheese history and opportunity. They have a wide range of specialty food vendors, from cheese to coffee, sandwiches and everything in between, and just as many cheesy markets. Philadelphia is also home to several Certified Cheese Professionals, so you just can’t go wrong with that. Even a basic grilled cheese tastes super gourmet when it comes from Philadelphia.


New York

If you can’t find it in New York, it probably doesn’t exist because this state has everything. Not only that but it’s a state where everything seems to be done so eloquently and perfect – and cheese is one of those things.

Packed in this lively city is a plethora of cheese history, shops, tastes and opportunities, making it one of the best cheese destinations in the United States.

The amount of cheese makers in New York per capita is on a constant rise, allowing the state to bring new flavours of fromage on the regular.

A trip to this cheese destination and you can explore all of the cheese and history you can stomach. From the nation’s cheese making sensation, Murrays, to smaller, local eateries and markets, it's safe to say that your days are going to be filled with fromage.

You haven’t experienced cheese fully until you’ve had it in New York. This state has a way of making such a historical ingredient brand new. You’ll be amazed at everything from the history to the variety, elegant cheese plates, flavors and so much more. New York is a must.

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This west coast state is popular for a lot of things, and cheese is certainly one of them. With all of the local cheese shops, San Francisco is easily a cheese connoisseur’s paradise. There are cheese eateries that have been around for years, and just as many that have popped up over the last couple of years offering an innovative bite. There’s even a cheese bar!

That’s not it though. The Cheese School of San Francisco is well worth a visit, and is certainly one thing that separates this cheese destination apart from the rest. Founded in 2006, this school is the one place where you can go and mingle with cheese making masters, instructors and all the cheese samples possible. If you’re currently a student, you may very well be asking for a transfer after this trip.

The best part is that when you aren’t enjoying the 250 plus varieties of cheese produced in California, there’s plenty more to see. So, grab a bite of fromage and enjoy a vacation in this sunny destination.


It’s easy to assume that the best cheese makers come from overseas, but the United States has some cheesy talent that deserves a bite. Explore these cheese destinations or sign up for a Monthly Cheese Club membership and savour the flavour you love.  

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