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A Cheese Lover’s Travel Itinerary: Top Places to Visit

A Cheese Lover’s Travel Itinerary: Top Places to Visit


Every cheese connoisseur knows that in order to fully indulge in the fromage loving lifestyle, you can’t stay in one place. While you can experience a worldly taste of cheese simply by subscribing to our Monthly Cheese Club, you may still have a desire to take the wheel across the globe. So, if you’re just as much as a travel junkie as you are a cheese connoisseur, this is the ultimate itinerary for you. With any of these top places, you’ll get the lifestyle, culture and traveling taste of cheese.  


Normandy, France

When you think of France, you likely think of Paris, but step on your brakes for a minute. Leave Paris for the fashion and baguette lovers because Normandy, France is where the cheese lovers need to be. It’s highly recognized for offering one of the most exquisite cheese Cheese connoisseurs, cheese, varieties in France.

Normandy is famous for producing superior dairy products, including the popular creamy Camembert, the crumbles of Neufchâtel, and the strong scent of Livarot – and that’s only to name a few. There’s also a Cheese Museum in the village of Camembert, and a Cheese Factory in the town of Livarot and many dairy farms and history lessons around the way.  

When you’re not devouring the tastes of delicious France fromage, you can explore the picturesque coastline, indulge in the history of the towns and pick fresh apples from the local countryside.

French Alps

While in France, you might as well head on up to explore the alpines of cheese in the French Alps. This destination is perfect for the cheese connoisseurs of the world, offering stunning scenery along with infamous cheese flavours.

The French Alps are highly recognized for producing all kinds of alpine cheese varieties, from Reblochon cheese to Abondance; Beaufort and Bleu de Sassenage, Tomme de Savoi and many more. A trip to this destination, and you’ll definitely get a taste of everything the French Alps.

And don’t forget in to explore the infamous cheese factories lining the mountains of the French Alps.

The land is full of stories and artisan cheese producers, and you may even learn some of the ancient traditional secrets used to produce the cheese you love today.

Cheese connoisseurs, cheese,

La Mancha, Spain

If you’re looking for just as much beauty as you are flavor, La Mancha, Spain is the place to be. It’s full of some of the most beautiful little towns that will give you an authentic taste of Spain.

When it comes down to the cheese, La Mancha is highly recognized for their buttery Queso Machego, which is produced exclusively from the milk of the specific Manchega sheep breed. The civilians of La Mancha love to pair their fromage with local reds and Serrano ham. So, if you’re an oenophile just as much as you are a cheese connoisseur, La Mancha is a must see destination.  

Asturias, Spain

With a nickname that translates to ‘The Land of the Cheese,’ you can’t go wrong with a trip to Asturias, Spain. It’s like a cheese-lovers paradise, as you dive into the delicious flavors of the most famous Asturian cheese.

To name a few, you can enjoy a bite of the famous and just as pungent Cabrales, or take your tastebuds on a trip to the past with a taste of Afuega’l pitu, the oldest Spanish cheese. Asturias is also recognized for their smoky cheese varieties such as the Casin and Gamonéu.

So, this is one destination where you can get a taste of several different cheeses.  

Gruyères, Switzerland

Certainly, you can guess the kind of cheese that gets produced in this village. Of course, it’s the subtle tasting Swiss cheese, Gruyères. So as you can imagine, this medieval town has so much to offer to Swiss cheese connoisseurs, such as yourself.

For starters, you don’t just get cheese, but rather, you get an authentic Swiss experience when you visit the little village of Grueyères. With that comes culture, history and a delightful experience that’ll leave your taste buds wanting more.

The town is full of rich-cheesy flavours, with several local restaurants focusing on the genuine taste of Swiss. There’s also plenty of cheesy markets, cheese-making opportunities and even cheese retail stores. Grueyères is literally a playground for cheese connoisseurs.



So, grab your passport and book a trip. These destinations should be on every cheese connoisseurs’ bucket list.

Now, if you’re not a big traveler, have no fear. Simply join our Monthly Cheese Club and enjoy cheeses’ from around the globe all in the comfort of your own home.


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