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A Gift Of Cheese

Looking to give a friend or family member a gift of cheese? We've got you covered!

We know artisan cheese and we know gourmet so let us tell you about some of our gift options!


Our top selling gift item is undoubtedly our Cheese of the Month Club. It makes the perfect cheese gift because it's unique, fun, delicious and keeps on delivering month after month. Imagine your recipient receiving their cheese delivery every month and thinking of you with every bite. Now that's a long lasting gift! 

For gifting, we recommend either the 3, 6 or 12 month options. We send out  their gift box on the first Monday of every month for the duration of your gift subscription and then it stops. It's comfortable and easy. You can also skip months, makes changes, etc. right from your account if your recipient ever needs to do so. 


Our Cheese Sampler Packs are a great one time option for a cheese gift. These are a fantastic way for a cheese lover to try and learn about new cheeses. Our cheese experts curate the perfect combination of cheeses based on your level selection of mild, medium or strong cheeses. We also provide a fact sheet and a box of artisan crackers to pair with the cheese.

These samplers come with 4 different cheeses based on the theme. Our most popular sampler since day one has been the "Surprise" Cheese Sampler. It leaves all the work up to our cheese experts to come up with the perfect cheeses that your recipients will fall in love with. We also have other themed cheese samplers to choose from. 


This is a newer addition to our lineup. Basically, it gives you the option to choose anything your heart desires and our staff works with you to put together the perfect gift. Our Custom Curated Cheese & Gourmet Box is based on a budget selected by you and your preferences. You let us know how much you want to spend, on how many cheeses, jams, crackers, cured meats, honey, balsamic, vinegar to include and we'll crunch some numbers and let you know what's possible. It takes a few more back and forths between us than the other cheese gift options, but in the end, it's going to be the exact gift you want to give. 


 We have a whole selection of individual cheeses and gourmet products for sale. Please feel free to browse through our selections and pick out any items you think your recipient would enjoy. Every product we stock has gotten our staff's approval because these are all things we love and enjoy ourselves with our guests. If you know your recipients tastes, likes and dislikes, then please go ahead and choose your own items and we'll professionally package and ship them to your friends and family members. The cheeses are all cut fresh to order on the day we ship.


Browse through our site and discover all the delicious gourmet products we carry and check back often for new additions to our lineup! 

Thanks for your support, as always, for our proudly Canadian business! 


The Team 

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