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The Three Secrets To Making Wine Selection Easier

wine and cheese

If there’s one thing everyone should know how to do perfectly its how to select a wine for their gathering. Of course, the number one rule is to grab some delectable cheeses to serve alongside your bottle of wine because two things go hand-in-hand with one another. Serving wine and cheese together can also instantly enhance the palates and enjoyment of your gathering. If you’re a serious cheese-fan, you’ll definitely want to join our Cheese of the Month club to ensure that you always get a bite out of your days. Other than that, it’s time to grab a Cheese Sampler and raise your glass. Here’s to becoming the best host of any occasion.


  1. Select a wine that suits you

Don’t sweat the wine selection, because it really doesn’t have to be a difficult task. One key thing to remember is that there is no set wine per cheese, which means that there are many different styles and wines to choose from. In other words, selecting a wine to pair with your cheese isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack. There are many options. So grab a couple that suit your preference and style, as well as the taste preference of those attending your gathering.


  1. Think about the occasion

The reason for your gathering can also make selecting the perfect wine much easier. It all comes down to the occasion, whether it’s a Sunday brunch, weekend celebration, a business get-together or weeknight dinner party. By considering the reason for the event, you can decide how much time and effort should be invested into the wine selection. For example, a Sunday brunch or business get-together isn’t likely to be all about the wine, while a weekend celebration may be quite the opposite. Determine whether people will be sipping a small glass, or asking for refills and then head to the wine store.


  1. Consider the cheese, and key ingredients

If you’re pairing your wine with cheese (which is always highly recommended as these two go together eloquently well), you want to consider exactly what you’ll be pairing with. For example, white wine almost always pairs amazing well all kinds of cheeses, with the exception of blue cheese. Light red wines, such as Pinot Noir pairs flawlessly with medium-firm cheeses. Determining the cheese can definitely determine the wine, making the selection process much easier. Opt for a Cheese Sampler, and almost all of the work is already done for you, as it combines 4 hand-selected artisan cheese to be served. Furthermore, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you may also want to consider the key ingredients being cooked up. Think about the protein component of the meal, and whether you’re serving meat, chicken or seafood. You also want to think about how dominant the flavor will be. Wine has similar properties to foods, and you’ll want pair them together for the palate. For example, match simple, light-textured foods with simpler, lighter wines, and pair rich, flavorful foods with thicker, red wines.


Selecting the ultimate wine to be served at your social gathering doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Instead of staring at the wall of bottles, having no idea where to start, follow these three rules and narrow down your selections. If all else fails, grab a Cheese Sampler and ensure that the expectations of your guests will be highly met.  

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