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Occelli di Castagno (chestnut leaves)

Occelli di Castagno (chestnut leaves)

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

The Facts

Country: Italy
Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow, Pasteurized Sheep
Age: 12 Months +

Tasting Notes:

Made by the famous Beppino Ocelli in Piedmont, Italy. This cheese is truly a masterpiece and a very unique cheese experience. Aged with fresh chestnut leaves and aged to ultimate perfection. Crunchy salt crystals throughout with a creamy yet firm paste. 

Taste of caramel, sweet nuttiness and piquant notes in the finish. A little bit goes a long way. 
Serve with white or red wine, cognac or a cup of coffee/espresso.  

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