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How We Ship

All our cheeses are cut fresh to order whether it's for our cheese club, sampler packs or individual cheese orders. 

The Wrap 

Your cheese is wrapped in specially designed cheese paper and then vacuum packed in food grade bags. The paper allows the cheese to breathe while at the same time controlling excess moisture. The vacuum protects the cheese during travel from moisture that is created by the ice packs. 

Insulated bags or boxes with a combination of high grade ice packs

During the warmer months, we use insulated boxes specially designed for shipping perishables. During the winter, we use cold shipping bags. Every order is packed with reusable ice packs. Cheese is a durable product, invented before the use of refrigeration and our packaging keeps it in ideal conditions on it's journey to your door. Please refrigerate the cheese imediately upon it's arrival if you want to serve it at a later time. 

Shipping Fresh to you

We use FedEx primarily within Ontario and Quebec and UPS/CanadaPost/Loomis/Purolator to other parts of Canada. We ship with 1-3 days services and adjust the packaging as need. 

Before placing an order, please read and make sure you agree to our shipping policy. 


 Province Shipping days
Ontario & Quebec (most areas) We ship orders to these provinces on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and in some cases Thursday, if we can get an order prepared before 11am.  
Other Provinces & Territories 

For every other province and territory, we ship on MondayTuesday (depending on your postal code) . Any orders placed on Wednesday or later, will be shipped the following week.

From our warehouse in Toronto, many provinces take 3 business days transit time, so we need to make sure the product gets there before the weekend. If you have a question about shipping time, just email us.

other info:

We do our best to ship as fast as possible, but our main concern is food safety. We can't guarantee delivery for specific dates but we can try to do our best. So if there are any special delivery requests, please email us as soon as you place your order. 




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