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Murcia al Vino (Drunken Goat) Goat Cheese

Murcia al Vino (Drunken Goat) Goat Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Murcia al Vino (Drunken Goat) Goat Cheese

The Facts

Country: Spain
Milk Type: Pasteurized Goat
Age: 18 months

Tasting Notes:

Coming to us from hot and dry southeastern Spain, this tasty Spanish semi-hard cheese is perfect for anyone who loves goat's milk cheese.

What makes this cheese so special is the beautiful, edible burgundy rind, which develops when the cheese is bathed in local Murcian wine before the ageing process begins. This is where its nickname "Drunken Goat" came from.

The fruity flavour of the wine is absorbed into the cheese, which is slightly salty and acidic. Milder that some goat's milk cheeses.

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