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Bigio Cheese

Bigio Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Bigio Cheese

The Facts

Country: Italy
Milk Pasteurized sheep
Age: 12 months+

Tasting Notes:

Bigio Cheese is a special Pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) aged beneath ashes, according to a time-honoured farmer's custom.

The cheese ages in a traditional manner for five months, then continues to ripen under a thick layer of ashes for another 2-3 months. The process is a bit arduous, as it requires constant attention and daily turning. A true labour of love!

The shepherds who used this method knew what they were doing. The process of ageing the cheese beneath ashes accomplishes a few things: it prevents the formation of mold on the rind, speeds up the maturation process, extracts moisture, and lowers acidity. Who knew?

All of the work and waiting is worth it in the end thought, the result is a sweeter, richer, more flavourful cheese.

A dry, hard, gritty textured cheese. 

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