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The Four Rules To Creating a Flawless Gourmet Cheese Plate

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Creating the perfect cheese plate is all about selecting delectable, brilliant gourmet online cheese. If you’re unsure where to start, head on over to Cheesyplace, and view our elaborate selection of top-of-the-line cheese. Each will make a statement at your social gathering, on your guests’ palates, and of course, on your cheese plate. You can also sample elegant cheese with a Sampler Pack to find the perfect selections that will fit the occasion and taste buds of your next gathering. Once you have chosen the perfect pieces for your cheese plate, the rest is easy. With these top four tips to follow, success is guaranteed.


  1. Make the cheese plate look nice

Tossing some items together on a plate will never do justice. You’ve put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect cheese options for your platter. Without some careful considerations and placement, your elegant cheese plate could look like a disaster. Entice the appetite of your guests by serving up an attractive cheese platter. Choose a contrasting cheese plate that will emphasize the texture and appeal of your gourmet cheese. Think about the different shapes and textures, and how they can add to the entire look of your cheese platter. When it comes time for placement, less is always better. You never want to overcrowd a plate. So give each cheese and pairing option plenty of space to emphasize the composition. If you have to refill the plate, and you certainly will if you’re serving cheese from Cheesyplace, you can always do so.

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  1. Select complementing cheese

The best cheese plates always offer a variety of complementing options. Serve gourmet cheese that ranges from mild to strong. This will also provide many different tastes and textures, from soft, semi-soft and hard, and ensures that every guest will find something delectable for their palate. It’s important to arrange the cheese from milder to stronger ones, which also allows you to accurately inform your guests of the selections without losing track of what’s what. If you won’t be present at the cheese plate at all times, label each one. You could also purchase a Cheese Sampler available online, which combines 4 artisan cheese that have been hand-selected by the professionals at Cheesyplace.


  1. Follow the three rules to gourmet cheese plates

There are some other gourmet tips that can enhance your cheese plate, and the entertainment and enjoyment of your guests. Always serve your cheese at room temperature. This typically requires you to remove them from the fridge an hour before serving, but it could be a little longer for harder cheeses. Make sure that there is enough room on the cheese plate for your guests to cut the cheese. If not, prepare pre-cut slices in advance. You also want to have a cheese knife for each variety. A thin blade knife or one with holes in it is perfect for softer cheese, and a sturdier blade is excellent for hard cheeses.

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  1. Carefully select the pairing options

Whether you’re serving your cheese platter with wine, breads, crackers or fruit, it requires some careful consideration. You don’t want to provide any breads or crackers that have a flavor that will compete with the cheese. Often times, whole-wheat crackers or flavored varieties are just too strong tasting. Instead, choose an elegant French baguette, or pair your gourmet cheese with a crunchy texture, such as almonds or hazelnuts. Acid fruits are also an excellent pairing option, such as raspberries, strawberries and kiwis.


With the wide selection of gourmet cheeses available on combined with these four must-know tips to creating an elegant cheese plate, your gathering is certain to be a hit. Join our cheese of the month club, and never skip out on a taste you’ll love.

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