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How To Cut Cheese The Right Way - 3 Steps

How To Cut Cheese The Right Way - 3 Steps

Not trying to sound too dramatic, but nothing hurts more than seeing one of your guests hack away at a beautiful piece of delicious cheese. 

'Yeah, go head, take the front piece for yourself and stick the rest of us with the rind' 


Cheese Etiquette 101 clearly states that "if there's rind on a cheese, it MUST be shared among all cheese eaters".


Since it's most likely going to be one of your best friends doing it, you probably don't want to ban them from all of your future cheese parties.

So I've got another solution for you; cut up part of the wedge or all of it in advance! If you're not certain it will all get eaten, cut up about 1/3 of it and leave the rest as a piece. If you need more, then your guests will see how you've done it and hopefully cut it the same way. 


Here's how to cut a wedge of cheese the right way in 3 easy steps. 



Step 1 
Cut the side rinds off the cheese. Leave the back on for presentation.
Step 2
Cut thin triangle shaped wedges in the same direction, leaving you with perfectly sized wedges of cheese. The little bit of rind at the end looks good and makes it easy to hold the cheese.
 Step 3
Sometimes the wedge is fairly large, so the triangles you cut are too big to handle with a few bites. So just cut them in half or into three mini triangles if you have to.


Perfect bite sized pieces with 1) a little rind shared by everyone 2) the rind acts as presentation piece 3) the rind makes it comfortable to hold and eat.
Oh and if you giggled at the title, grow up!.....jk hehe

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