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Sainte Maure de Tourraine

Sainte Maure de Tourraine

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Sainte Maure de Tourraine

The Facts

Country: France
Milk Type: Unpasteurized Goat
Age: 3-5 weeks

Tasting Notes:

This classic French cheese with its distinctive log shape, features a grey-blue, ash covered, edible rind. You will quickly notice the straw running through the centre, which is used to help the cheese form during the aging process.

A semi-soft cheese, The Saint Maure de Tourraine features a smooth and creamy texture, with a buttery flavour.

Unlike fresh goat's milk cheeses that are soft and spreadable, this aged variety is a little harder. The aging process gives the cheese a delightful complex flavour, with a walnut aroma and slightly salty, nutty, tart tasting notes.


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