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Kaamps Classic Cheese

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Size: 250g

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Kaamps Classic Cheese

Kamps Classic Cheese is a traditional Dutch cheese made from the milk of goats that feed primarily on clover. This results in a very delicate, floral and sweet tasting cheese with a little barnyard in the finish, common of goat's milk cheeses. 

Due to traditional Dutch aging processes, their cheeses generally develop caramel-like notes which is no different with Kaamps Classic. The goat's milk also tends to balance the sweetness with a slightly salty finish.

As it ages, the cheese is also washed in a solution that contains caramel, offering another layer of flavour to the cheese. The wheels are waxed and aged for a minimum of 4 months which gives the cheese some age yet leaves the texture smooth and buttery

Pair with a Riesling.

Our cheese mongers hand cut every cheese to order. We will always try to cut the exact weight ordered, however your piece might be slightly over or under the amount listed. But please know that we cut it freshly and specifically for you.

If you order several cheeses, we will usually make up for shortcomings on weight, if any, on the other cheeses ordered.

All cheeses are wrapped in special cheese paper and sealed to preserve freshness during transit.

Every order includes all the necessary thermal packaging and ice packs required for current weather conditions. Our main focus is getting the freshest product delivered to your door.