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Iberico Rosemary Cheese

Iberico Rosemary Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Iberico Rosemary Cheese

The Facts

Country: Spain
Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow, Sheep, Goat
Age: 12 months

Tasting Notes:

From north Spain, comes the delicious Iberico Rosemary Cheese, made using a mixture of cow's, sheep's, and goat's milks. The ratio of the blend is altered over the year, depending on the availability of the milks, season to season.

This pasteurized cheese is a traditional Iberico cheese, coated in high quality olive oil and plenty of rosemary.

The result is a delectable firm cheese, with a rich, buttery, slightly dry texture. Aromas of fresh herbs are present thanks to the fragrant rosemary, which are absorbed into the cheese.

Peppery, piquant, fruity, and nutty flavours work together to make this a remarkable cheese!

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