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Cashel Blue Cheese

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Cashel Blue Cheese

The Facts

Country: Ireland
Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow
Age: 4 Months 

Tasting Notes:

As Ireland's original farmhouse blue cheese, this relatively new variety was first made by the Grubb family in the early 1980's. Their passion for cheese led the clan to create Cashel Blue, a cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk”. 

Today, the cheese is still made by hand on the original 200 acre farm in Tipperary, Ireland.

While Cashel Blue Cheese ages, it develops its characteristic robust flavour. It's texture is crumbly, creamy, and slightly granular, and it has a strong, pungent aroma.

This particular blue is a perfect choice for those who love a bold blue cheese. It has a strong, robust flavour, with buttery, spicy, acidic notes.

Pair with Sauternes or port.

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