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Bella Lodi "Black Parmesan" -

Bella Lodi "Black Parmesan" Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Bella Lodi "Black Parmesan" Cheese

The Facts

Country: Italy
Milk Type: Unpasteurized Cow
Age: 18-24 Months

Tasting Notes:

Made by only one farmhouse in Italy, this is a very special and delicious Parmigiana style Italian hard cheese. The Bella Lodi "Black Parmesan" Cheese is made without preservatives, using only milk that comes from cows in the Lodi area of Italy. The milk is naturally lactose free, so for those that have issues with dairy, you likely won't have a problem with this cheese. For those that don't have issues, it is much easier to digest and is a bonus for you anyways to have it so pure and lighter on the body. 

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