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Munster Alsace Cheese

Munster Alsace Cheese

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Munster Alsace Cheese

The Facts

Country: France
Milk Type: Unpasteurized or Pasteurized Cow (depending on availability)
Age: 3-5 weeks

Tasting Notes:

Munster Alsace Cheese is named after the little town of Munster, where it was first made in monasteries in the middle ages.

This soft, washed rind cheese is made from locally sourced milk, as is required due to its AOC protected status.

With its reddish, sticky rind, the Munster Alsace is part of the "stinky" family of cheeses. But don't let the smell deter you, under that rind you'll find a delightfully soft and creamy interior, with a savoury, tangy flavour. 

These are sold in 200g wheels. 

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