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Our New Curated Cheese & Gourmet Packages

As our online cheese & gourmet food shop grows, we are able to add more products and offer more services. Since 2010, when we started, we've tried many things that worked well for us and some that didn't.


Cheesyplace specializes in delivering artisanal gourmet cheese directly to your door,with a membership to our cheese of the month club or our sampler packs.:


Our Cheese of the Month club has been a consistent winner for us over the years, being by far our top selling product/service. Our customers love trying new cheeses and being surprised each month with our selections, pairing notes, etc. With our growing fan base, we're now able to also add in extra goodies every month to add more value to the packages.  For us it's 100% quality over quantity, we're never going to stuff the boxes with basic items and fillers. We are buying consistently larger quantities and are therefore able to pass on the savings in the form of more gourmet, high quality, artisan products for our members. Another great byproduct of our growth is that we're now getting approached by gourmet food companies who are willing to greatly discount a product they want to promote.  They love the fact that their products will be tasted by a large number of foodies across Canada. This works for all of us in the end and we're excited about the opportunities that will be available in the future with our Cheese of the Month club, Cheese Sampler Packs and the new custom curated boxes. 


Now taking it up a notch, we've introduced our Cheese and Gourmet packages, which we curate to order. What this means is you get exactly what type of products you want while still keeping up with the element of surprise. It's available as a one-time purchase or you can subscribe and get a box every month. It works just like our cheese club but you get more items according to your budget and it's curated for your personal taste. If you love blue cheese and hate goat cheese, tell us. If you want to try a new honey or need a good olive oil for dipping, let us know. We want to make sure you're getting the products you want and need. 



Once you place your order with your budget, just leave a comment in the checkout with any requests or email us at We'll put together a list of items we think you'll love with a breakdown of pricing that gets you to your budget and email you back as soon as possible. You can accept our recommendations, as we have a ton of experience with setting up the perfect combinations or make any changes you want. We have access to thousands of products so there's going to be tons of gourmet products for you try. 



We're very excited about giving our customers more choice and control. Our first orders of these new curated boxes have been shipped and the feedback has been awesome!

Our team knows gourmet, we've been putting together selections like these for customers and our own dinner parties for years.  So let us curate a box for you, your family & friends! 

Click here to Order a Curated Cheese & Gourmet box today! 

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