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6 Gift Ideas to Make Every Cheese Connoisseur Melt

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Just when you think you’re the best gift giver, you’re left wondering what to get the cheese connoisseur in your life. Well, the answer is simple – a cheese connoisseur wants cheese! Choose a cheese sampler plate from Cheesy Place and we’ll ship it to where it needs to be – just call us Santa’s elves.

The cheese gifts don’t end there either. At Cheesy Place, we know exactly what to buy for cheese connoisseurs. So get ready to make your loved ones melt this holiday season with these awesomely cheesy gift ideas.



Chic Cheese Art

gift ideas, cheese lover, cheese connoisseur,

There’s a fine line between cheesy art and cheese art. This holiday season, make sure you’re gifting the latter. The person you’re buying for may love cheese but chances are, they don’t want a massive picture of it on their wall. So, add a bit of chic style, and a dose of humor into the mix, and you’ve got some awesome cheese art gift ideas.



Cheesy Skewers

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Every cheese connoisseur needs some skewers. Well, that is unless they prefer to chow down on an entire cheese wedge with their fingers – and depending on how much they like cheese, that may very well happen behind closed doors. Jokes aside, there are some seriously stylish skewers out there that’ll make the perfect gift this holiday season.  



Cheese Making Kit

gift ideas, cheese lover, cheese connoisseur,

As every cheese connoisseur knows, cheese isn’t just a dairy product. It’s a lifestyle, and an art form at the least. However, that’s not to say that your friends and family can’t try to make some cheese of their own. So grab a cheese making kit! It's a unique gift idea will bring everyone together for some laughter and love during the holidays.



Cheese Pairing Book

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If your cheese lover thinks they’re a cheese connoisseur but they’re pairing skills are seriously lacking, this is one gift idea that keeps giving. Every cheese lover should know how to get the most flavour out of each cheese they try, and proper pairing is the perfect way to do just that. Gift your cheese lover with a cheese sampler plate and a pairing book – and put their skills to the test. Check out our list of cheese books every cheese enthusiast must have


New Cheesy Treats

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While you’re this holiday season, don’t be intimidated by the stores you aren’t familiar with. Sometimes, those stores are truly hidden gems and you can find all kinds of unique gift ideas there. So, check out a local treat shop, explore Cheesy Place and find some cheese recipe blogs to gift a delicious a bite this season. Who knows, maybe they’ll love cheese coated rice crispy squares, cheese s’mores or honey for cheese.


Cheese Journal

gift ideas, cheese lover, cheese connoisseur,

If you have a cheese lover in your life, you already know they’re always eager to take on some new cheese. Whether it’s blue cheese, goat cheese, Canadian cheese, light cheese, green cheese – whatever kind-of-cheese, a cheese connoisseur never turns down trying something new. A cheese journal is a great gift idea that allows the cheese enthusiastic to keep track of the tastes he or she loves and why. Some cheese journals even come with a vocabulary library to make the cheese sample descriptions just as tasty as the wedge.



There’s no denying the cheese connoisseur in your life is going to melt away when they open up your gift this year. Combine any of these awesomely cheesy gift ideas with a cheese sampler plate, and your holiday gift will certainly be a favorite. Shop Cheesy Place today for all your gourmet needs.



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