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Reblochon de Savoie Cheese

Reblochon de Savoie Cheese

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Reblochon de Savoie Cheese

The Facts

Country: France
Milk: Unpasteurized cow
Age: 2-3 weeks

Tasting Notes:

Reblochon de Savoie Cheese is produced almost exclusively in the Haute-Savoie and Val d'Arly regions in Savoie. It is a semi-soft, washed-rind mountain cheese.

In 1958, this cheese was awarded the prestigious AOC certification, which ensures the cheese is made only in the designated region, with traditional ingredients and production methods.

This World-Cheese-Awards winner dates back to the thirteenth century when farmers would trick their landlords by only partially milking the cows in front of them. This reduced their land rental costs, which were based on milk production volume. Once the landlords were out of sight, the farmers would do a second milking, or a "reblocher" in French, making the cheese from this second milking. And Reblochon was born!

Reblochon de Savoie Cheese is made from unpasteurized cow's milk. When it is first produced, it is covered in a thin white mold. Once it matures in the cellar, it develops its signature orange-yellow rind.

It has a soft and supple texture, it's creamy and mild, with fruity and strong nutty flavour notes, and an earthy, herbal aroma.

Minimum 500 g 

Pair with a Savoie wine.

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