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Beldi Preserved Lemons-from Cheesyplace

Beldi Preserved Lemons

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Beldi Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are traditionally used in North African cuisine, where they are a key ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. 

Beldi Preserved Lemons are whole, thin-skinned lemons preserved in salt and water. They are salty and slightly acidic, with an intense citrus flavour. Once preserved, the lemons lose their original sharpness. The preservation process also allows the lemons to keep their vibrant yellow colour.

During the manufacturing process, the lemons are first hand-sorted, where they are chosen for their size and quality. They are then carefully hand-packed to ensure the fruit is not bruised or damaged, and so that it retains its lovely aroma. 

Use to add subtle but distinctive lemon flavour to tagines, relishes, dressings, rice dishes, stuffing, couscous, and a wide variety of other foods 

Beldi Preserved Lemons won 3 Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Foods, a coveted prize awarded to fewer than 2 out of every 100 entries.

Size: 350 g
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Ingredients: lemons, water, salt.

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