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Poitou with Espelette Pepper Cheese

Poitou with Espelette Pepper Cheese

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Poitou with Espelette Pepper Cheese

The Facts

Country: France
Milk: Pasteurized goat
Age: 3 - 4 weeks

Tasting Notes:

Made in France by the Poitou Chèvre cheese factory in Bougon, France, Poitou with Espelette Pepper Cheese is a delicious goat's milk cheese that is enjoyed by anyone who loves a good quality goat cheese. 

Nestled between the farmland, groves, and rolling plains of the Bourgon village, each wheel of this delightful cheese is molded by hand, then placed in a special container to allow the excess whey to drain. The cheese is then sprinkled with delicate Espelette paprika from the Basque country, and left to ripen for 3 - 4 weeks as it matures and develops its delicate aroma.

The result is a divine goat's milk cheese, with a soft, yet flaky paste and lovely rind, flecked with paprika. If you are familiar with "Bonde d'Antan", another cheese produced by the same cheese factory, you'll notice that Poitou with Espelette Pepper Cheese is similar.

But don't let the appearance fool you, this is not a spicy cheese overall. In fact the combination of the Espelette paprika and the natural sweetness of the goat's milk come together perfectly with a lactic, fruity, fresh flavour. However, the cheese does finish with a slight spiciness and acidity.

Serve at room temperature in order to experience the full flavour of the cheese.

150 g

Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc.

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