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Unboxing our 'Cheese of the Month Club' | September Cheese Subscription Box

We usually reveal our cheese club selections and what's included each month to club members only, but we've received so many emails from people asking us to do an unboxing that we couldn't say no. 

We sent out our September box earlier in the month and we'll show you how it comes to your door, what's inside, how its packed, etc.

The packaging varies throughout the year depending on the weather. In September it's still fairly warm, so we use specially designed insulated boxes plus extra ice. In the winter we can use lighter packaging. 

The package arrives at your door and looks just like this:

 The box of cheese arrives at your door like this once a month.


Here you see the different marketing material for our club. Sometimes there's new promo material or coupon cards. There's also a fact sheet describing the cheeses inside.  We'll also include a gift message for you here if you add it in the checkout.

A surprise of cheese is an amazing gift for any cheese lover


Once opened, you can see we've packed it pretty tightly inside.  This helps with the cheeses not moving around too much during travel. 

Cheeses delivered anywhere in toronto, Ontario or any proving in Canada.

Canada's cheese subscription sevice


This month, we've added a 'Back to School' bonus, a pack of Jensen's fresh cheese curds.
All the cheeses have been wrapped in cheese paper and vacuum sealed for travel, so they arrive perfectly fresh. We featured a Greek imported Kefalotyri , a truffle cheese from Manitoba and a hand-made Smokey Blue from the USA.  In total, you get over 500 grams worth of cheese every month (more than 1 pound).

Cheese delivery in Canada


Here's a close-up of the extra's that come with the box. Magnets, stickers, cheese handling booklet, cheese markers. These change throughout the year. 

A Toronto Online Cheese shop

Write the Name and Origin of the cheese and stick it right into the cheese. It's nice to let your guests know what they are eating so they can learn about the cheeses as well. 

Cheese markers


So here's everything you would have received in the September cheese club box! 

What you get in the cheese subscription box


Please re-use our cold shipping box and ice packs for future picnics, road trips, etc. We use only the best and safest cold shipping materials so we'd hate to see them go to waste. 

We sell many subscriptions as gifts because it makes a wonderful gift for any cheese lover or foodie. Our cheese club is a fun way to try new cheeses each month. It's a very exciting moment when the box arrives at your doorstep every month. 

So join the club, there's no obligation and no commitment!

You may cancel at any time right from your account. If you don't love it for any reason, we'll refund the rest of your months on your subscription. We hate being tied down for things we don't want or use anymore so we're not going to do that to our customers.

Join today and get your first box at the beginning of next month! 

Click to join >> Join our cheese of the month club and get 3 different cheeses every month. <<

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