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Keen's Cheddar Cheese

Keen's Cheddar Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Keen's Cheddar Cheese

The Facts

Country: England
Milk Unpasteurized cow
Age: 12 months+

Tasting Notes:

Keens Cheddar Cheese, made from the unpasteurized, grass-fed milk of the Keen family's own cows, is a delightful, artisinal cheddar from England. 

The cows feast on 500 acres of lush Somerset pastures, and the milk is transported a mere 50 yards to the cheese making facility. 

Using the family recipe, passed down through the generations, this smooth and creamy cheese is aged for up to 18 months.

Rich, nutty, earthy, tangy flavours are characteristic of this cheese, with a nice bite at the end.

Keen's Cheddar Cheese has been awarded prestigious PDO status, along with several awards. A must try for cheddar lovers!

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