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Deal Of The Week - Imported Cheese Collection has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
Cheese - Deal Of The Week - Imported Cheese Collection

Deal Of The Week - Imported Cheese Collection

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Deal Of The Week - Imported Cheese Collection

This week's deal is a selection of 3 cheeses!  

Brie De Meaux 

Tasting Notes:

One of the most well known Bries in France. Made inside the Brie region, this soft cheese is flavourful with mushroomy tones and a strong earthy finish and aroma. If you love strong, deeply flavoured soft cheese then Brie de Meaux will be a new favourite. It's a classic and for good reason.


Tasting Notes:

 A creamy buttery blue produced in Germany. Blue cheese lovers and novices alike enjoy the delicate flavours of Cambozola.  Not a strong or overpowering flavour. Perfect with a little dab of fruit jam or jelly! 


Tasting Notes:

This firm cheese has a strong reputation as a melting cheese, but Raclette is just as amazing as is, with a glass of wine and olives & antipasto. Made in Switzerland, it has a full flavoured nuttiness and tangy finish. 


We will be shipping a total weight of 1.5kg or more (over 3.3 pounds). Regular Price for all 3 cheeses is $105.


Buy this 3 cheese package for $70 + shipping. (ON & QUE $9.99)

What you get :

  • 3 cheeses totaling over 3.3 pounds  (1500 grams) or more 
  • Hand-cut cheese selections that have been carefully tended and aged

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