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Apisun Cuban Honey-from Cheesyplace

Apisun Cuban Honey

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Apisun Cuban Honey

Cuban honey has become increasingly popular and highly regarded for its quality. This is due to many factors, including the location of the island and the low toxicity of the environment. The country has a long tradition of honey production, using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. And the wide variety of flora in Cuba makes for delicious and healthy honey. 

With a flowering season that lasts year-round, beekeepers will actually move the hives from area to area, depending on which flowers are blooming and when. Other apiaries, particularly those in cold climates, may feed their bees sugar solutions for part of the year. Apisun bees eat 100% pure flower nectar.

The honey is also regularly lab tested to ensure both the quality and composition of the product, and is certified by Honey Lab of Bremen (QSI) in Germany.

Apisun Cuban Honey is made from pesticide and insecticide-free flowers, and is raw.

Each jar of this exquisite honey is made with care, with a focus on quality and purity.

Use this quality honey to sweeten teas and other drinks, on bread, with cheese, or in any recipe that calls for honey.

Size: 500 g
Country of Origin: Cuba
Ingredients: 100% unpasteurized honey


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