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Airborne Thyme Honey

Airborne Thyme Honey

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Airborne Thyme Honey

Airborne Thyme Honey is produced from the herb "Common Thyme" in a small area in Central Otago, on New Zealand's South Island.

Thyme was first introduced to the area by ancient tribes who cultivated the dry Mediterranean soils. And to this day, the region is still home to the herb, where it continues to flourish. 

Airborne Thyme honey is very aromatic, with a pungent, distinctive scent, and a lovely herbal, savoury flavour. This honey is often enjoyed by discerning connoisseurs, and is likely New Zealand's most intensely flavoured honey. 

This thyme honey is amber in colour and has a high thyme pollen representation. Each jar includes pollen count, batch numbers, and lab tested active ingredients on its label. Every jar is also traceable. You may trace it to the specific area and apiary that produced the honey. Jars are 100% recyclable and non-toxic. 

Use to sweeten tea or other drinks, use for baking, enjoy with cheese, or on bread or crackers.

Size: 500 g
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: 100% unpasteurized thyme honey

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