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A.O.C. Herbes de Provence Blend-from Cheesyplace

A.O.C. Herbs de Provence Blend

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A.O.C. Herbs de Provence Blend

Direct from Provence, France, the A.O.C. Herbs de Provence Blend of high quality herbs is the perfect choice for adding tons of authentic French flavour to your next creation!

These herbs are guaranteed grown in the region. The A.O.C. designation assures not only the quality, but that all herbs contained in this mixture are from Provence. 

The mixture contains the following:

  • Oregano 26%
  • Rosemary 26%
  • Savory 26%
  • Thyme 22%

This delicious blend is great for adding flavour to roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, roasted chicken, or marinades. 

If you're looking for a high quality Herbs de Provence blend, this is it!

Size: 25 g
Country of Origin: France
Ingredients: Oregano, rosemary, savory, thyme


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