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Apple Flats Crabapple Jelly-from Cheesyplace

Apple Flats Crabapple Jelly

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Apple Flats Crabapple Jelly

Apple Flats Crabapple Jelly was first introduced in 1993, when one crabapple tree was planted in the front yard of the founders' newly built home in Wellesley, Ontario. For many years, the jelly was made from the handpicked crabapples from that one single tree. 

The company, however, has grown quite a bit since then. The Smyth family now has a small orchard on the family farm, and their harvesting methods have evolved from handpicking to commercial harvesting. But the Smyth family's dedication to creating delicious artisanal products has never wavered. Their crabapples are still never sprayed with pesticides or insecticides, 

Apple Flats Crabapple Jelly is all natural and is low in sugar. It is still sweet though, smooth, with a bit of zest. 

Use on toast, biscuits, crackers, bread, or in baking. 

Size: 250 ml
Country of Origin: Canada
Ingredients: crabapple juice, cane sugar, liquid pectic, citric acid


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