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Fourmage Gouda Cheese

Fourmage Gouda Cheese

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  • / 250 grams (8.8oz)

Fourmage Gouda Cheese

The Facts

Country: Holland
Milk Pasteurized cow, sheep, goat, buffalo
Age: 12m+

Tasting Notes:

What happens when you mix not just 2 or 3 milk types to make this delicious Fourmage Gouda Cheese, but 4? You get a wonderfully unique cheese that carries all the best qualities from each of the grass-fed milks. There are plenty of mixed-milk cheeses out there, but not many containing all 4 of the main milk types!

And the result? An award-winning cheese, with deep, complex flavours. Fourmage has a velvety, extra creamy texture and deep flavour thanks to the Buffalo milk.

But each milk brings its own special quality to the cheese. The goat's milk adds sweet notes to the mix, the goat's milk adds a fresh taste, while the cow's milk gives the cheese its traditional Gouda flavour.

All of these notes come together beautifully, along with flavours of brown butter and honey. This is a young Gouda, which keep the taste mild and the texture creamy.

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