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Become a Wine and Cheese Pairing Pro with this Cheat Sheet

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wine and cheese

Hosting a social gathering can be a stressful situation. There’s plenty of planning involved, and selecting the perfect cheeses and wines to serve can sometimes leave you in a daze! After all, with so much variety of delectable gourmet selections, it can be hard to find the ultimate pairings for the occasion. Fortunately, Cheesy Place has all the cheese and wine knowledge you need to ensure that your social gathering is just as delicious as it is entertaining. We also have all the cheese! So, grab a Cheese Sampler or browse our vast collection of elegant flavors, and follow the following tips to pairing like a pro.


  1. Pair the older with the bolder

Cheeses and wines are aged to achieve a unique texture and taste. As a rule of thumb, older cheeses generally need a wine that offers a more complex flavor, something with body. So, the older the cheese, the more ample the flavor of wine should be.


wine and cheese 

  1. Pair salt with sweet

There are many sweet wines out there that pair amazingly well with salty cheeses like blue cheese, aged Gouda, hard Grana and feta. The salty taste has a way of enhancing the sweetness of the wine, creating a delectable combination that all palates will enjoy.


  1. Pair with some contrast

Contrasting flavors also work wonders when it comes to serving cheese and wine together. Rich, creamy cheeses such as Camembert is a classic when paired with a sparkling wine, such as champagne. It brings all kinds of sensations to the taste buds, making you eager for another bite.


  1. Pair things together that grow together

Another huge tip when it comes to pairing wine with cheeses is to follow the good ole’ rule of, what grows together goes together. Sharpen up on your cheese and wine skills, and you’ll be amazed at how easy finding the perfect pairing can be. French goat cheese pairs amazingly well with French wines, just as the Spanish sheep milk cheese, Manchego pairs flawlessly with Sherry and other wines from Spain.

 wine and cheese

  1. Pair soft cheeses with light-bodied, fruity wines

To further this wine and cheese pairing cheat sheet, serve soft cheeses such as ricotta, burrata and feta with light wines, dry rosés and crisp whites. The combination is even better when the wines have a berry, apple, tropic, citrus or melon flavor.


  1. Pair medium-aged, semi-hard cheeses with medium-bodied wines

Cheeses like Havarti, Monterey jack, Edam and Manchego taste amazing when served alongside medium-bodies wines, such as fruity reds and vintage sparkling wine.


  1. Pair stinky cheeses with light-bodied wines

When a cheese as a strong aroma like Morbier and Taleggio, pair it with light-bodied wines, such as Pinot Noir or Riesling.


  1. Pair like with like

Well throughout this list of perfect cheese and wine pairings, you may have seen a trend. Often times, pairing wine and cheese together comes down to pairing like with like. The more simple the cheese, the more simple the taste in wine should be. The more complex the cheese, the more bold the wine.


Wine and cheese go hand-in-hand with one another. If the wine is off, the cheese flavor could crumble and vice versa. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to have this cheese and wine pairing cheat sheet with you whenever you’re prepping for a party. This will ensure that you and your guests enjoy the best tasting flavors from two of the best things on earth – wine and cheese. If you’re a serious cheese fanatic or host social gatherings on a regular, you need to sign up for the Cheese of the Month club. Never miss a delectable bite and keep your hosting better than all the rest with Cheesy Place. Whatever the flavor, occasion or budget, we have the ultimate cheese selections that can take your entertaining and taste buds to new levels.

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