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3 Steps To Becoming A Cheese Expert

Posted by Vitali C on

Everywhere I go, the topic of cheese automatically follows me.  I guess because I'm usually the only person in the room that sells cheese, people always have questions. 

'What a good cheese?',   'What's the best cheese?' and my favourite  'How do I become a cheese expert?'

So instead of being the cheese snob that I can sometimes be, from now on, I'll be a little less snobby and quickly text them a link to this post. 

Who says people aren't social anymore? 


The perfect little snack 

The 3 steps below will put you on your way to becoming a cheese guru, plus you'll be able to answer the first two questions on your own :)


1. Don't Be Afraid To Try 

I want to give someone a taste of blue cheese and they tell me they hate blue cheese. Have you had it before? 7 times out of 10 they haven't, they just know they don't like it. So it's clearly my job to be as annoying as possible until they try it. I'll start them off with a very mild one and go from there. More often that not, they say they don't mind it. To me, that's a success. 

The more cheeses you try, the more you'll start to realize what you like and what you don't like. You will also realize which 'family' of cheese is your favourite and sort of gravitate towards that with your selections. 

2. Take Notes

If you want to get serious about this, start a cheese diary. There's a few good ones out there on the market, eg. Formaticum is a nice option (google it). But otherwise just write down the name of the cheese, some info about it that you know and give it a rating of how much you enjoyed it with some tasting notes. 

Back in the day when I started out working in a local cheese shop, I did this for only a year and somehow my list grew to over 300 cheeses! That was a cool feeling. For some reason, when you start writing out the flavours you experience in each cheese, you start to discover new flavours in the next ones. Then you compare them. It's really helpful. 

3. Share The Experience

Being around cheese so much, I'm obviously expected to provide cheese wherever I go. And I'm also supposed to have at least 6-8 varieties in my fridge at any given moment according to certain people. Won't name names.  

The things is, I actually don't mind it. I find that the more you share your cheese, the more you'll learn yourself and expand your own cheese knowledge. I enjoy seeing the reactions of someone trying a new cheese and the look on their face when the flavour starts to come through. They realize that it's unlike anything else they've ever tasted. I tell them where it's from, how it was made, what I think it tastes like. They tell me what they think it tastes like. Everyone's happy, everyone learns. .

It's a special moment only an aspiring cheese expert can experience.

I think if you keep doing the 3 steps above, you'll be well on your way to deserving expert status one day. Keep trying, documenting and sharing! 


Thanks for reading & have a great weekend! 


P.S  Don't call me a cheese expert just yet, there's still a lot of cheese for me to explore.


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Vitali holding lots of cheese


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